Each year, FCM members elect their representatives to FCM's Board of Directors. This normally takes place at FCM's Annual General Meeting (AGM), as part of the Annual Conference, in June. Since FCM's Annual Conference has been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Annual General meeting will be held virtually in early October (exact date to be determined). As a result, this has necessitated certain changes to FCM's electoral process.

FCM elections process

Our Board elections this year will be conducted through remote voting. The main stages of the process are outlined below, culminating in a vote by all accredited member representatives at the AGM. The process details and dates will be communicated as soon as they are available.

Our Board elections will take place in the following distinct stages:

  1. Eligible voters will register to become an accredited representative in order to participate in FCM's election and AGM. Registration dates to be determined.

  2. The election of the President, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President and the Third Vice-President will be conducted through remote voting in September.

  3. The election of the Directors who will represent their province or territory on the Board will then be conducted via remote voting in late September and early October. The number of Board seats allocated to each province and territory will be in accordance with FCM's by-laws, section 3.04.

  4. The proposed slate of Directors (as elected through the stages 2 and 3 above) will then be brought to a virtual AGM to be ratified by accredited representatives of FCM's municipal and affiliate members, in accordance with FCM's by-laws.

  5. Subsequently, all newly elected and appointed Directors will remotely elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair for their respective Regional Caucus (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies and Territories, British Columbia). The Regional Caucus Chairs represent their respective regions on FCM's Executive Committee.

To run as a member of the FCM Board of Directors — and to be registered in advance, on the electoral ballot for your province or territory — you must:

  • Be an elected official of an FCM member municipality.
  • Fill-out the online consent form and attach an official resolution and submit to FCM (deadline to be determined). The official resolution must be endorsed by your member municipality or Provincial Territorial Municipal Association (for PTA representatives) — allowing you to seek a position as a Member of FCM’s Board of Directors  and indicating that your municipality, or supporting Association, will cover the costs of your attendance at FCM meetings.

As the 2020 nomination process was launched before COVID-19 crisis began, documentation that has already been submitted by candidates for the 2020 election will remain valid and will be assumed to apply to the fall election, unless the candidate notifies FCM otherwise by sending an email to elections@fcm.ca. FCM will hold open the nominations window until the revised closing date for submission of nomination documentation (to be communicated to members as soon as available).

Useful documents

  • FCM by-laws
  • A list of key dates, along with detailed elections procedures, will be published as soon as they are available.
  • Sample resolution PDF: Candidatures au postes de dirigeants

Note: All candidates will have the opportunity to post an election campaign ad on FCMs website.

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