Date Activity
March Board of Directors’ Meeting Launch of FCM’s 2021 election process and campaign period
60 days prior to the FCM AGM (April 5) Posting of nominations of Table Officer positions on the FCM website
21 days prior to FCM Annual General Meeting (May 14)
  • Deadline to submit a nomination for a Table Officer position
  • Publication of the final slate of Table Officer positions to membership
21 days prior to FCM Annual General Meeting (May 14) One-time promotion of Table Officers candidates to all members in case of virtual elections.
21 days prior to FCM Annual General Meeting (May 14)
  • Deadline for submission of Table Officers’ consent forms and official resolutions for Director positions
  • Tables Officer nominees to confirm if they will put their names forward for provincial Director elections, should they be unsuccessful in the Table Officer election
  • Deadline for Table Officers to post election campaign materials to FCM’s website
  • Deadline for candidates to submit list of sponsor/donors to FCM
14 days prior to the AGM (May 21) Date by which FCM requests notification of withdrawal from the Table Officer ballot
May 25
  • Deadline for submission of Consent Form and resolutions for Board of Director positions to be registered on the official ballot
  • Last day to submit bio and picture for the website
June 1 Live speeches of Table Officers, if elections are held
June 1 - 2 Election of Table Officers
June 2 Announce results of Table Officer election
June 2 Election of Directors
June 2 Election of Regional Caucus Chairs and Vice Chairs
June 3
  • Announce results of Director election
  • Send full proposed slate of Directors to AGM participants
June 4
  • FCM 2021 annual general meeting
  • Election of Board of Directors slate
FCM by-laws

These rules guide our organization, including many aspects of the election process.

Election procedures

Learn about the detailed rules we follow during our elections process.

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