Legend Clear: Key dates for voters
Blue: Key dates for candidates
Dates Milestones
March 16
  • Election kick-off
August 24-September 18
  • Voter registration
September 14
  • Table Officer nominations due
  • Withdrawal from Table Officer ballot ends
September 17
  • Table Officer candidates’ webinar #1
September 24
  • Director consent forms and resolutions due
  • Deadline to post an election campaign ad on FCM.ca
  • Deadline to submit sponsor/donor list
September 28
  • Table Officer candidates’ webinar #2
September 28-30
  • Table Officers’ election
October 2
  • Announce Table Officer election results
October 5
  • Director candidates’ webinars
October 5-7
  • Directors’ election
October 13
  • Announce Directors’ election results
  • Proposed slate of Directors is posted on this website
October 13-14
  • Advance polling on AGM motions
October 15
  • FCM 2020 AGM
  • Board of Directors’ election ratification


For further details about any of these items, please consult the Election procedures.

FCM by-laws

These rules guide our organization, including many aspects of the election process.

Election procedures

Learn about the detailed rules we follow during our elections process.

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