Darren Hill

Municipal leaders from across Canada, thank you for putting your faith in me when you elected me as your FCM 3rd Vice President last year in Quebec City.

More importantly, thank you for your friendship and for being there for what was the most difficult year of my life. FCM is a family.

Like it has been for so many over this past, tumultuous year, my journey is different than what I had planned, but what remains constant and unwavering is my passion for my work and for our communities.

As an experienced leader with many years as a FCM board member, and this past year as a table officer, our new reality has reaffirmed my personal commitment to ensuring FCM remains mindful of the diversity of communities, while still managing the needs of all members. Not every issue brought forward will always be relevant to every member-municipality of FCM, however, every member-municipality is just as important as the next. Rural or urban, large or small, what creates the fabric of FCM is our greatest strength, namely the diversity of our members.

I am passionate about my work as an FCM Table Office, and I know there is so much left to accomplish. There is no doubt that the term ahead will continue to include significant challenges.

We have always known what the pandemic is reminding communities and countries across the planet - we are stronger together, even when apart. From wherever we may be, FCM stands together to support each other.

I humbly ask for your vote and support.

Darren Hill

Cell: 306.227.4322
Email: darren.hill@saskatoon.ca

Video – Speech from September 17, 2020

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