I learned from an early age giving back to your community makes you a stronger person. Serving my municipality in several ways including as Councillor, board and committee member, and now running for FCM’s Board of Directors – Urban, my passion for being a leader in local government can be applied to benefit municipalities across Alberta and Canada.

I was elected Councillor for Strathcona County’s Ward 8 in 2017 and have been the voice of the residents I represent. I have great interest in establishing attainable and affordable housing for the community and the aging population, and in further protecting the county’s environment and ecosystems while maintaining growth in our economic development and industry.

Staying connected and working to improve the community I serve is a top priority. I represent council on several committees including the Accessibility Advisory Committee, Emergency Advisory Committee and Priorities Committee. I was also the Chair of the Covid-19 Citizen & Community Support Task force.

I represent Strathcona County on numerous regional committees:

  • Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board - Shared Investment for Shared Benefit Task Force
  • Edmonton Salutes Committee, and
  • Vice Chair, Heartland Housing Foundation Board of Directors

I was selected as a FCM Board of Directors Committee member in 2019 and 2020, where I participate in the following committees and projects:

  • Canadian Women in Local Leadership – CanWILL
  • Committee of the Whole
  • Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development Standing Committee
  • Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government Standing Committee
  • International Relations Standing Committee
  • Prairies & Territories Regional Caucus

I have lived the last 20 years in the specialized municipality of Strathcona County. Sherwood Park has an urban population over 70,000 and the other hamlets and rural areas make up the remaining population of 28,000.

I know the strengths of both rural and urbans municipalities. I also know of the complex issues that each face can be quite different and can’t be solved with the same solution. I have attended AUMA and RMA conferences, special events and regional meetings consistently each year.

My unique experience and knowledge will be an asset for me to represent Alberta at the national level on the FCM Board of Directors. As a FCM committee member I have been doing this for the last 2 years. With your support, I will have a vote at the Directors table.

Feel free to contact me at: katie.berghofer@strathcona.ca

Katie and her husband Darryl live in Sherwood Park and have two children. She attended the University of Alberta, earning a bachelor's degree in Physical Education; majoring in Adapted Physical Activity. Katie earned a National Championship with the Panda’s Rugby team in 1999. She holds a Certificate in Rural Municipal Leadership from the University of Alberta and a Certificate in Climate Leadership from the FCM.

Katie worked for several years as a Recreation Therapist and Manager and then carried on her career as a retail manager. Employed as a District Manager she covered 12 to 18 stores in Alberta and Saskatchewan, enhancing her communication, customer service and problem-solving skills.

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