This year, our FCM Board elections and AGM will take place during FCM’s (virtual!) Annual Conference and Trade Show, from June 1-4.

Who is eligible to vote?

FCM’s municipal members who register to attend the Annual Conference are automatically registered to vote in our elections and AGM. Non-members who attend the conference (e.g., municipal staff) are not permitted to vote.

Only registered voters may speak on the record at the AGM.

Municipal Members
Are you an elected official from a municipality that belongs to FCM? If so, you will automatically be registered to vote when you register for the Annual Conference.

Affiliate Members
Any association of municipalities located within any one Canadian province or Territory can be an affiliate member once its application (under section 2.04 of FCM’s bylaws) is complete. Affiliate members may nominate up to two people attending the conference to vote in the elections.

Register to vote

If you’re an FCM member, we’ll automatically add you to our voter registration list when you register for our Annual Conference and Trade Show (June 1-4).

Conference registration opens soon. We’ll keep you posted!

How you vote online

Before the election and AGM, registered voters will receive a detailed email with instructions on how to vote online (the sole option available this year). Voting is easy and secure with our low-bandwidth, online voting platform.

When you vote online

Table Officers’ election

  • Voting opens: June 1: 4:30 PM EST
  • Voting closes: June 2: 11:00 AM EST

Directors’ election

  • Voting: June 2 – specific time to come

Annual General Meeting

  • Voting: June 4 – please check the conference agenda when available

If you have questions about any aspect of the voting process, contact

FCM by-laws

These rules guide our organization, including many aspects of the election process.

Election procedures

Learn about the detailed rules we follow during our elections process.

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