Taneen Rudyk
Vice-President at Large
Taneen Rudyk is a councillor for the Town Council of Vegreville, Alberta.

Taneen Rudyk was first elected to Vegreville Town Council in 2010. She was re-elected in 2013 and 2017. Councillor Rudyk has represented her citizens on boards ranging from social justice and environment to business and economic development to health and wellness and youth engagement. Taneen seeks every opportunity to act as an ambassador for her small town and bring back knowledge and forge relationships to make her community connected.

Councillor Rudyk has served as an Alberta representative on FCM’s Board, as well as co-chair for Conference Planning, vice-chair for Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Politics, and Governance Representative for the Towards Parity in Municipal Politics initiative.

In addition to her municipal work, Councillor Rudyk has worked for the provincial and federal orders of government in a variety of roles, such as counselling high needs teens to re-enter the work force and education streams, and issuing work permits and study visas to training election workers. She also supports her husband’s business ventures in pipeline welding and sustainable water solutions—a poetic combination of resource-based and green technologies that define the modern Alberta. Her most impactful work is raising four dynamic children to be creative and kind citizens.

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