Moncton city hall at night in winter.
Learn about the diverse municipalities that make up our membership, including Moncton, on Canada's East Coast.

Moncton was incorporated in 1855, and is a vibrant, bilingual city that offers a wide range of cultural, recreational and entertainment options.

It’s New Brunswick’s largest city, and lies at the geographic centre of the Maritimes. That central location has enabled its impressive and nationally recognized economy, which is founded on the city’s heritage as a commercial, distribution, transportation and retailing centre.

Moncton’s rich cultural offerings and many natural attractions are enjoyed by the city’s 71,899 residents and by tourists who come to visit in every season. Its provincial and municipal parks offer year-round fun for outdoor enthusiasts, and two major national parks are within a one-hour drive. It's a dynamic and lively place to call home.

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