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Various Plan (climate change adaptation) $104,800

The Province of Manitoba has experienced several drought events in recent years, with increasing intensity. Two major drought events occurred in the rural towns of Carman and Letellier in April and June of 2017, at which times the Pembina Valley Water Cooperative (PVWC) – a privately held not-for-profit cooperative owned by fourteen member municipalities in the region – was able to provide only limited quantities of water to the affected populations.

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Water holds an important cultural, economic and environmental value within the extensive farming community in the region. Staff at PVWC took action and secured a grant from the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) to develop a regional and agriculturally-relevant drought management plan that integrates a proactive approach to risk management, based on the framework put forth in the Manitoba Drought Management Strategy.

PVWC will use climate modelling provided by the Province and the Prairie Climate Centre to examine historical, present, and future anticipated drought conditions – allowing them to explore possible adaptation measures to prepare the region for the expected increase in intensity, frequency, and duration of droughts.

The plan will also benefit from the input of numerous regional and provincial stakeholders and, once complete, will be integrated into the emergency preparedness plans of the fourteen rural municipalities in the area.

Additionally, their analysis will take into account the effect of demographic shifts on water demand, and the subsequent consequences for farming communities. Overall, this plan is likely to have an important impact for the communities in this region now and into the future.


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