Population Type of initiative Grant amount
949 Capital project (GHG emissions reduction) $132,700

The Bridgetown & District Memorial Arena is an integral facility for winter recreation in this rural community. The Bridgetown Community Recreation Association (BCRA) is collaborating with the County of Annapolis to take aim at reducing energy consumption and related GHG emissions from this facility by 74.5 per cent.

Bridgetown arena

Through third party inspection and consultation with nearby municipalities, the County has chosen to implement two highly effective efficiency measures.

First, a layer of insulation will be installed over a 12,100 ft2 area, which is roughly one-fifth of the size of a standard football field. A seasonal controller designed to extract maximum efficiency from all components of the refrigeration plant will also be installed. This controller will not only reduce emissions – it will also monitor all system data, provide trend information, and control all of the building’s HVAC systems.

The efficiencies achieved through these upgrades contribute to the County’s economic development goal to promote efficient housing and to reduce electricity consumed within the County by 80 per cent by 2050.

Furthermore, the environmental, social, and economic benefits of the project will be posted publicly at the arena to demonstrate the value of the work, and the cost savings on annual operations will be reinvested into the facility.

This project is an excellent example of an MCIP initiative applying lessons from FCM's Green Municipal Fund (GMF). Over the years, GMF has found that efficiency upgrades to arenas provide substantial emissions reductions and economic benefits.

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