Population Type of initiative Grant amount
10,278 Climate and Asset Management Network grant $50,600

The City of Selkirk, Manitoba has been experiencing regular spring flooding of the Red River over the last 10 years due to heavier snowfall downstream, as well as overland flooding caused by more frequent and heavy rainstorms.

man facing rising Red River

The City’s council initiated action to take a more proactive approach to managing public assets, while integrating climate change considerations into their everyday planning. In 2018, they joined the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program’s (MCIP) Climate and Asset Management Network – a group of 19 municipalities of different sizes and geographies working together to integrate climate considerations into their infrastructure decisions and asset management practices.

Through the network’s funding and peer learning opportunities, the city will benefit from the experiences of other Canadian municipalities while completing their own plan to connect their climate change adaptation planning and asset management practices, identifying infrastructure enhancements needed over the longer term and the financial strategies to get there.

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