Plastics: Building local solutions to the global challenge
Around the world, producing and using plastics more sustainably has become a hot topic. Here in Canada, municipalities are driving innovative local solutions to this global challenge.

In this workshop, you’ll hear practical examples of how municipalities are leading the way in managing plastics more effectively. You’ll learn how new technology is improving plastics processing, and how your community can access new markets for recycled plastic. 


  • Ben Henderson, Councillor, City of Edmonton, AB 
  • Maja Vodanovic, Mayor, Borough of Lachine, City of Montreal, QC 
  • Jérôme Cliche, Industrial Development Officer, Recyc-Québec 
  • Pete Fry, Councillor, City of Vancouver, BC 
  • Guillaume Villemure, Development and Procurement Manager, Soleno Recycling
2019 Federation of Canadian Municipalities