How asset management builds climate-resilient communities
Municipalities are Canada’s builders—and building more resilient communities includes protecting Canadians from the impact of climate change.

This workshop will explore the importance of integrating climate change considerations into your asset management practices. Learn how asset management can help municipalities of all sizes make better-informed and sustainable infrastructure decisions that improve service delivery. And discuss the roles that built infrastructure and natural assets can play in making your community more resilient.


  • Maxime Pednaud-Jobin, Mayor, City of Gatineau, QC 
  • Debbie Nielsen, Infrastructure and Sustainability Officer, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities 
  • George Harding, Mayor, Town of Lockeport, NS 
  • Daniel Lessard, Director, Engineering Service, Quebec City, QC 
  • AnnLisa Jensen, Councillor, Parkland County, AB 
2019 Federation of Canadian Municipalities