Legalized cannabis: how municipalities are adapting
Our cities and communities are where legal cannabis is produced, sold and consumed. As the governments closest to Canadians, municipalities play a central role in implementing this huge shift in federal policy.

This workshop will explore how communities are adapting locally to keep people safe and well served—as well as some lessons learned so far. We’ll also address key issues that remain for local governments in a still-evolving world of legalized cannabis.


  • Marie-Pierre Rouette, Government Relations Advisor, City of Montreal, QC 
  • Neil Dubord, Chief Constable, Delta Police 
  • Josh Morgan, Councillor, City of London, ON 
  • Maja Tait, Mayor, District of Sooke, BC 
  • Oyinola Shyllon, City Economist and Regulatory Lead, City of Calgary, AB 
2019 Federation of Canadian Municipalities