Modernizing our fiscal toolbox in Election 2019
The doubling of this year’s Gas Tax Fund (GTF) put more tools in local hands to build better lives.

This fall’s federal election is our opportunity to secure permanent, modern fiscal tools so local leaders can do even more. In this workshop, you’ll learn about ongoing efforts to modernize the municipal fiscal toolbox. And you’ll hear how you can support FCM’s election push to empower local governments to tackle 21st century challenges—from the housing crisis to climate change.


  • Pat Vanini, Executive Director, Association of Municipalities of Ontario
  • Jasmin Savard, Director General, Union des municipalités du Québec
  • Daniel Rubinstein, Director, Policy and Research, Policy and Public Affairs, FCM
  • Linda Buchanan, Mayor, City of North Vancouver, BC
2019 Federation of Canadian Municipalities