As the order of government closest to people’s daily lives, municipalities understand what’s needed on the ground and we deliver solutions that work. Budget 2019 recognizes this by delivering major results for Canadians—directly through their local governments.  

In important ways, this budget elevates our municipal-federal partnership as the way to build better lives for Canadians.

This budget puts tools directly in local hands. Growing our core Gas Tax Fund transfer for this year means more projects move forward. From roads and bridges to public transit and rec centres—this is about building better lives.

This budget acts directly on local expertise. FCM has insisted that universal broadband is key to building better lives in rural, northern and remote communities. Today’s plan for universal high-speed Internet is a major boost for these communities—for their economies and quality of life.

This budget invests in delivering directly for Canadians through FCM. Building on the proven success of FCM’s Green Municipal Fund means making people’s lives more secure and affordable. This is about building better lives by working directly with FCM and local governments.

This budget is a vote of confidence in local governments. Confidence in our readiness to deliver real outcomes for Canadians. And confidence in FCM—the federation designed and built by local governments.

By elevating our partnership, Budget 2019 charts a path toward a more fully modernized relationship—one that puts the right tools in local hands. 

Budget 2019 quick facts:
Growth in this year’s federal Gas Tax Fund transfer
Direct investment in municipalities through FCM
Investments in broadband and wireless connectivity
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Broadband Internet access is essential in the modern age, yet too many rural Canadians live without it. We’re helping to bring reliable high-speed Internet to every community across Canada.
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Local governments own approximately 60 percent of the public infrastructure that supports our economy and quality of life. Through advocacy and support, we help them build a stronger Canada.
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