Federal Election 2019 is a pivotal opportunity to modernize how governments work together to serve Canadians. Local leaders are the closest to people’s daily challenges. They are building better lives, and with modernized tools and a seat at the nation-building table, they’ll be ready to do so much more.

FCM is taking that story to the federal parties—to their leaders, decision-makers, and election platform architects. Throughout the summer we’re previewing FCM election planks that matter to Canadians—on the Gas Tax Fund, rural priorities, public transit, housing affordability and disaster mitigation.

This election is the moment for the local order of government to take historic progress to new heights. We need to seize it. Empowering local leaders builds better lives. Together, we can build the livable, prosperous and sustainable country Canadians deserve.

Growing the Gas Tax Fund

Municipalities are building better lives, thanks to local expertise and the federal Gas Tax Fund. Learn how growing the Gas Tax Fund will empower municipalities.

Building vibrant rural communities

Rural communities are essential to Canada’s economy and quality of life—but face unique challenges. To build better lives for millions of rural Canadians, it’s time to empower their local leaders and build a rural lens into the heart of federal government.

Building better public transit

Public transit is the backbone of livable cities. Better transit means less congestion, faster commutes, more convenience, higher productivity and lower emissions. Simply put: public transit builds better lives.

2019 Federation of Canadian Municipalities