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The deadline for applying will be six weeks after the Call for Applications is published.

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Coming September 2021, our Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) will issue a Call for Applications offering grants to partner organizations. Grants will be to provide asset management training, knowledge and education on best practices and awareness building activities for elected officials and municipal staff.

We will be funding 90% of total eligible project costs; an increase from previous rounds to ensure that MAMP further offsets the cost of delivering training to municipalities at a time when municipal revenues have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Projects will take place between March 2022 and November 2023 and focus on activities to help groups of municipalities learn and advance their asset management practices, including the integration of climate considerations.

Learn about eligible activities, who can apply, and how to apply below.

Initiatives we fund

We offer grants to partners who provide asset management training programs (technical assistance), awareness building activities, and educate on best practices with the municipal sector.

This round of funding follows a number of guiding principles that stem from MAMP’s objectives and govern the partner and activity selection process. Based on these principles, preference will be given to applications for projects that will:

  • deliver technical assistance and/or awareness-building activities, and/or knowledge products at a regional or national level;
  • maximize access to activities and benefit to the community at the lowest cost possible to participants;
  • integrate climate considerations into all asset management activities, adapting the level of integration to the target audience;
  • demonstrate collaboration amongst organizations and leverage expertise, best practices, and lessons learned within the sector;
  • leverage knowledge products and content that already exists to the extent possible (e.g. existing guides, templates or handbooks);
  • contribute to MAMP providing access and coverage to municipalities in all jurisdictions across Canada;
  • provide capacity-building support and content that is accessible and appropriate to all municipalities, regardless of size, capability, geography or stage of adoption of asset management practices.

Who can apply?

Grants are available to registered and incorporated Canadian not-for-profit non-governmental organizations, including:

  • Provincial and territorial municipal associations
  • Communities of practice
  • Professional and industry associations
  • Educational institutions

Eligible organizations must have a mandate to support municipalities, or have experience supporting the municipal sector in Canada, in addition to delivering training and knowledge sharing activities. Organizations must have experience delivering asset management-specific activities. Municipalities working in a consortium with an eligible organization may also apply.

Organizations can subcontract organizations to deliver activities, including for-profit entities.

Note: These grants are not available directly to municipalities. Learn more about Asset management grants for municipalities.

Curious about if your organization is eligible to apply? Take this quiz.

Applicants will need to respond to the call using an online platform, Submittable. To take the pre-eligibility quiz or to submit your application you will need to create a free Submittable account. Please do not use Internet Explorer 11 to access the Submittable website.

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