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Green Municipal Fund
Annual Report 2018–2019

The 2018-2019 annual report for FCM’s Green Municipal Fund (GMF) showcases how GMF training, resources and funding fuel municipal sustainability initiatives that deliver environmental and economic benefits and build better lives for Canadians from coast to coast to coast. The report shares stories of several highly successful local sustainability projects, and details how much GMF-funded initiatives have contributed to cleaner air and water, reduced waste, increased energy efficiency and improved infrastructure throughout the country.  

What You'll Find Inside

Year in review

Funding allocations

Capacity building

Learn about the measurable environmental and economic benefits of GMF’s investments in sustainable initiatives.  

See how GMF loans and grants were allocated to capital projects, plans, studies and pilot projects across the country. 

Hear how our knowledge services focus this year helps address the unique needs of small, remote and rural communities. 


Case studies

These outstanding initiatives demonstrate how GMF helps advance local sustainability efforts by funding innovative projects and practices that can be replicated in cities and communities of all sizes across Canada. 

Maple Ridge

This safe, alternative transportation route connects key communities with the university. It will reduce vehicle traffic, lower greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate local economic growth.

Insights from a feasibility study helped city council make better funding decisions and built community support for an energy-efficient co-located school and community centre. 

This pilot project is well on its way to improving waste diversion in a densely populated urban area by 30 to 50 per cent, and provides a replicable example to inspire other communities. 


By using a proven wastewater technology in a new and innovative way, this small community built an efficient, effective and sustainable system that accommodates future growth. 

Heating and cooling retrofits in several multi-unit dwellings will help reduce GHGs, energy consumption and water use, and keep temperatures more comfortable for residents. 

Green Municipal Fund Annual Report 2018-2019

See how GMF is fueling local initiatives that build better lives

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