January 31, 2019

February 3–9, 2019 is International Development Week. This year, FCM joins Global Affairs Canada in celebrating the theme: “Together for Gender Equality.” This theme embodies Canada’s commitment to the global effort to address gender inequality and encourages all Canadians to be change-makers in advancing gender equality in the world. 

Through FCM’s international initiatives, Canada’s municipalities and municipal experts are working with their counterparts in 14 countries to empower women, grow local economies and advance gender equality. We also help local governments work towards meeting the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, a worldwide call to end poverty, protect our environment and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

This week, we will share stories from our initiatives and the people who make them possible. From training newly elected women in Haiti to supporting women entrepreneurs in Bolivia, our collective work is demonstrating that local governments are key to the success of Canada’s international development efforts.

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