April 8, 2019


Position: 2 municipal partnerships
Program: Vietnam Municipal Solid Waste Management Project (VnSWM)
Location: Vietnam and Canada
Date: June 2019 – March 2021
Application Deadline: April 30, 2019


FCM is currently recruiting two Canadian municipalities to support two medium-sized cities in Vietnam (Bac Giang in the north, and Hoi An in central Vietnam) as part of the Vietnam Municipal Solid Waste Management Project (VnSWM). The Canadian municipalities will assist their Vietnamese counterparts over a period of 18 months to implement innovative pilot initiatives that contribute to the reduction of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) by improving practices in municipal solid waste management.  

The overall objective of VnSWM is to create a demonstrable model of reduction of methane/GHGs from municipal solid waste in Vietnam by focusing on:  

  • Introducing technology to capture methane and rehabilitate existing landfill sites;
  • Introducing initiatives to increase and/or improve the treatment of organic waste, including separation and processing into viable compost materials; and
  • Increased capacity within participating cities for municipal solid waste planning and management.

Capacity Building Approach

VnSWM will employ a municipal team approach for the delivery of Canadian technical assistance to Vietnamese projects: Two Canadian municipalities will source technical assistance from their staff and networks to join the VnSWM team led by FCM, including practitioners from other FCM member municipalities, solid waste management technical experts/consultants and FCM staff. This team will work together with local Vietnamese experts and city staff to plan and deliver technical assistance to meet the objectives of the project.


VnSWM requires two Canadian municipalities to participate in the program as providers of technical expertise in municipal solid waste practices.  The selected candidates will have strong expertise related to landfill rehabilitation and gas control, organic waste separation and composting and/or strategic planning for municipal solid waste management.

One issue that will be important relates to contracting:  Privatization of waste services delivery is being undertaken in Vietnam; in some cases, it has been completed, in others hardly started.  However, already it is clear that cities lack capacity in contracting the private sector, and may not understand the terms or implications of the contracts that they have signed. This is the case in VnSWM project cities, where organics collection and treatment (composting) is contracted to the private sector, and where it is possible that landfill rehabilitation/gas control and treatment might also be contracted to the private sector.  Therefore, expertise in contracting the private sector for waste management services is a requirement for the selected candidates.


The specific contributions made by the municipality include (but are not limited to):

A.    Host a study program in spring for a delegation from Vietnam. 

VnSWM has planned a visit to Canada for municipal solid waste management practitioners from Bac Giang, Hoi An and ACVN in Spring 2020. The objective of this study visit is for Vietnamese delegates (approx. 6, plus 1 FCM staff) to visit the Canadian host municipality for 1-3 days to learn Canadian good practices in municipal solid waste management strategic planning, landfill rehabilitation and gas control, waste separation and composting. The responsibilities in planning and hosting this study program would be to:

  • Develop a study program and itinerary based on the objectives provided by FCM;
  • Ensure the program includes site visits (coordinated by the partner municipality) and ample opportunity to discuss programs and issues with elected officials, technical staff, contractors and other stakeholders;
  • Assist FCM with logistic arrangements such as recommending local hotels, transport options etc.;
  • Assist FCM to recruit a local English-Vietnamese interpreter if available;
  • Provide appropriate staff to welcome, brief and accompany the delegation during the study program. 

B.    Provide technical staff qualified in municipal solid waste management as volunteers in missions to Vietnam to help partner cities develop capacity, undertake activities and achieve project objectives and outputs.

The cities of Bac Giang and Hoi An will be undertaking a series of activities in Vietnam with VnSWM support. The two selected Canadian municipalities will provide technical assistance as part of a team of solid waste management technical experts/consultants and FCM staff. The team will work together with local Vietnamese experts and city staff to plan and deliver technical assistance. 

Each Canadian municipality is expected to participate in up to two missions between May 2019 and March 2021. Each mission to Vietnam will consist of approximately two weeks in-country; entails both preparation and follow-up reporting; arrival and departure briefings with FCM’s partner municipal association in Hanoi, and working visits to both Bac Giang and Hoi An.

Detailed Terms of Reference will be prepared for each mission by the FCM project manager based on activities included in the Annual Work Plan and progress made by the cities. Missions will include tasks such as the following:

  • Provide technical assistance (assisting and coaching) to Vietnamese counterparts to carry out their planned tasks related to landfill rehabilitation and gas control, organic waste separation and composting and/or municipal solid waste management strategic planning;
  • Plan and conduct short workshops or seminars on topics of relevance to the cities if requested and included in the work plan;
  • Assess progress since the previous mission, and define activities to be carried out prior to the next mission (may include skype calls with Vietnamese counterparts to assess progress, determine next steps etc.);
  • Prepare a brief mission report (following each mission) in the format provided by FCM;
  • Provide input to FCM for the 2020-2021 Annual Workplan; and
  • Participate in a final mission (Feb/March 2021), including the final knowledge sharing event and assist with project evaluation.

FCM covers participant travel, accommodation, meals and other project-related expenses through funding from Global Affairs Canada.


Municipalities interested in supporting the engagement of staff and individuals should complete the application form by Tuesday, April 30, 2019, and demonstrate adequate official approval to participate (for example, a council resolution or willingness to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with FCM).  

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted. 

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