November 15, 2018

The following capital project has been approved for funding through the Green Municipal Fund (GMF), delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada. Funding for this initiative amounts to $3,466,215.

Source: FCM


Municipality of the District of Argyle, NS
New municipal administration building
Sector: Energy 
GMF loan: $3,014,100
GMF grant: $452,115


The Municipality of Argyle is in the process of building a new net-zero-energy administrative building to enhance the service to its residents and better serve the region. The building will incorporate high-efficiency design measures such as enhanced envelope insulation and air tightness, an efficiency-optimized building layout, a geothermal heat pumping for heating and cooling supported by and solar panels to supply building electricity. 

Furthermore, the building will reduce potable water consumption by installing low-flow taps and ultra-low-flush toilets. The installation of ecofriendly and natural stormwater management measures will reduce runoff and will help minimize total suspended solids by 75 per cent. 

Innovative aspects  

  • The new administrative building will have an efficient and more optimized layout, LED lighting which is operated by occupancy motion sensors
  • The municipality will introduce a pilot project to track overall energy consumption and renewable energy production by monitoring and tracking real-time data from utility meters and smart metering devices

Environmental benefits  

  • Repurposing an old residential building into a municipal storage building will prevent 27 tons of demolition waste going to the landfill
  • The proposed building will require 52 per cent less energy compared to a similar building built to current standard codes, resulting in a decrease of 87.7 tons of CO2 emissions each year
  • The municipality plans to construct the new building on previously developed land, which avoids greenfield development and opens the possibility for further feasible development on the same property

Economic benefits

  • The design of the building will result in a savings of $26,927 in annual operating and maintenance costs.
  • The project is exploring options of sharing materials and services with local First Nations Groups and employ local woodworkers to build interior fixtures and furniture, creating economic stimulus in the community

Social benefits       

  • The complex will provide accessible municipal services to the community, hosting a mini tourism information centre and providing direct access to the community development office
  • Accessibility for all ages and abilities will be improved with the new administration building and making on-site navigation easier for visitors with visible and none-visible disabilities, exceeding new provincial guidelines and regulations


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