December 19, 2018

Village of Cumberland, BC
High performance wastewater lagoon and wetland upgrade
GMF loan: $5,000,000
GMF grant: $750,000

The Village of Cumberland will upgrade its wastewater lagoon system to meet regulatory requirements and increase its capacity to serve a growing population.

The first phase of the project will consist of lagoon system improvements, including elements to reduce bypass flow in wet weather, increase phosphorus removal capacity, and removal of suspended solids. The second phase will consist of a second dissolved air flotation system to boost capacity, and an innovative biochar media reed bed application to remove emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals.

Innovative aspect

  • The use of wood-sourced biochar for the reed bed will sequester 1.5 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Environmental benefits

  • A greater phosphorus removal capacity will prevent runoff which can pollute surface waters and cause excessive algal and plant growth.
  • The initiative will help protect an important downstream ocean shellfish farming area.
  • The lagoon system will improve the quality of wastewater by reducing carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand by 65 per cent and total suspended solids by 91 per cent.

Economic benefit

  • The enhanced treatment capacity will allow the village to grow, resulting in an increased municipal revenue stream.

Social benefit

  • This initiative will improve public health by ending unacceptable discharge effluent and creating new public walking trails.
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