October 11, 2019

OTTAWA —The Federation of Canadian Municipalities acknowledged the release of the Conservative Party of Canada’s election platform today. The platform commits to a “rural lens” in Cabinet decisions and recognizes the need for communities to respond to new climate extremes, but it lacks critical clarity on key issues, while reducing year-over-year infrastructure spending.

“Cities and communities across the country have an urgent need for increased investment in infrastructure,” said FCM President Bill Karsten. “Proposed measures in this platform appear to move in the opposite direction, with fewer infrastructure dollars available year-over-year to create jobs, improve roads and bridges, and maintain the local services Canadians rely on.”

“To build roads, expand transit networks, and develop housing solutions, municipalities need predictable funding and the ability to plan long-term,” President Karsten said. “In this platform, there is a critical lack of detail for cities and communities on both counts. Municipalities have worked constructively with successive federal governments to build better lives for Canadians, and the Conservative Party will need to work with municipal leaders to develop these proposals further, and provide that important clarity and certainty.”

“We are pleased to the see Conservative Party acknowledge the importance of local disaster mitigation efforts, as well as our call to a ‘rural lens’ and for rural broadband investments,” said President Karsten. “Overall, we will need more detail on how infrastructure investments will empower municipalities to meet the frontline needs of Canadians. Working in partnership with local governments is essential to building better lives across the country.”         

FCM staff and membership will continue to analyze the commitments put forward by the Conservative Party of Canada and all federal parties ahead of the October 21 election.

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