June 9, 2021

The following initiatives have been approved for funding through the Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) funded by the Government of Canada and delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Funding for these 27 new initiatives amounts to $1,173,505

Municipality Project title MAMP funding

Resort Village of Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay

Asset management plan development (2020/21)


Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance Inc.

Mid-Sask Municipal Alliance Regional asset management strategy (Midsask rams)


Rural Municipality of Fertile Belt No. 183

Asset management database, GIS, and operations/administrative support


Town of Midale

Asset management program


City of Meadow Lake

Reaching a milestone for asset management - a signature model for northern communities to develop asset management


Rural Municipality of Sasman No. 336

Asset management moving forward 2020 project


Village of Laird

Asset management project 2020


City of Saskatoon

Corporate asset management maturity assessment and initiate implementation of corporate asset management system


Rural Municipality of Barrier Valley No. 397

Comprehensive asset management plan - rm of Barrier Valley No. 397


City of Melfort

Asset management program and systems development in the City of Melfort


Rural Municipality of Antelope Park No. 322

Asset management plan development – RM of Antelope Park, Saskatchewan


Rural Municipality of Milton No. 292

Asset management plan development - RM of Milton, Saskatchewan


District of Lakeland No. 521

Asset management framework & system project


Rural Municipality of Porcupine No. 395

Asset management roadmap & system project


Village of Codette

Village of Codette asset management strategy and plan


Rural Municipality of Montmartre No. 126

AM Project 2020


Village of Montmartre

AM Project 2020


Rural Municipality of Kelvington No. 366

Rural Municipality of Kelvington asset management plan


Rural Municipality of Coalfields No. 04

Initial asset management improvements


Village of Frobisher

Initial asset management improvements


Town of Kerrobert

Town of Kerrobert asset management plan and capital plan


Town of Rose Valley

Town of Rose Valley asset management plan development project


Town of Gull Lake

Economic impacts on municipal revenue and infrastructure capital planning for asset management


Rural Municipality of Montrose No. 315

Asset management framework & system project


Town of Eatonia

Eatonia asset management plan


Rural Municipality of Leask No. 464

Asset management framework project


Rural Municipality of Great Bend No. 405

RM of Great Bend development of asset management strategy & long-term planning


Source: FCM

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