Montréal, May 9, 2023 - On the occasion of the Montréal 2023 Climate Summit, Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) is announcing major support from the McConnell Foundation and the Trottier Family Foundation, two leading Canadian philanthropic foundations, for a total amount of $12 million.

This philanthropic investment will enable LC3 to accelerate its support for the implementation of innovative projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada’s major cities, while providing equitable benefits in the areas of public health, the economy, affordability and community resilience at the local level.

Specifically, the $12 million from the two foundations will help carry out a variety of programs related to their mission:

  • Community grantmaking to support climate solutions that advance social equity and/or reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, through a $5-million grant from the McConnell Foundation to LC3 Network urban communities;
  • Launching a new program to decarbonize multi-residential buildings in Montréal’s metropolitan community, thanks to a $5-million grant from the Trottier Family Foundation in support of the Greater Montréal Climate Fund;
  • Accelerating building renovation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, thanks to a $2-million grant from the McConnell Foundation in support of the work of The Atmospheric Fund.

A vital vote of confidence in LC3 from the philanthropic sector
This funding from the McConnell Foundation and the Trottier Family Foundation is a testament to the key role LC3 can play in the fight against climate change. The donations leverage a previous $183-million funding commitment from the federal government to establish the LC3 Network in order to help speed up local climate action.

Partner Quotes

‘’Canadian cities have many levers to accelerate the adoption of urban climate solutions and generate benefits for urban Indigenous populations, new Canadians and low-income households. The LC3s’ financial model allows foundations to leverage both financial contributions and co-investment opportunities from the public and private sectors. We invite other foundations and investors to explore these various opportunities to partner with an LC3 centre and maximize positive impact for climate in urban communities.
—Lili-Anna Pereša, CEO of the McConnell Foundation

‘’In Montréal, residential, institutional and commercial building stock generates 28% of the city's emissions. The Trottier Family Foundation is proud to support the Greater Montréal Climate Fund's efforts to decarbonize Montréal's buildings sector through its new MultiRes® program. The Foundation's grant will accelerate the decarbonization of hundreds of buildings while also generating positive health outcomes and energy savings for those living in Montréal’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.”
—Eric St-Pierre, Executive Director of the Trottier Family Foundation

The Government of Canada is working with partners to support climate solutions across the country. Today’s announcement will support the decarbonization of buildings, and climate solutions led by Indigenous and local communities. I would like to congratulate the McConnell Foundation, Trottier Family Foundation, FCM, and LC3 Network on their vision and climate leadership.”
—The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources

As extreme weather events are taking place with increased frequency across the country, the past few years have revealed the true force of climate change and the pressing need to keep addressing it. Today’s announcement of new funding to Low Carbon Cities Canada, which FCM’s Green Municipal Fund has been a partner of from the start could not come at a more appropriate time. From wildfires to floods, local communities across Canada are hurting and welcome assistance to achieve greater sustainability.”
—Alan DeSousa, FCM’s GMF Council Chair

About the LC3 Network
Low Carbon Cities Canada is accelerating climate action by supporting cities in reaching their greenhouse gas emissions reduction potential and unlocking the national potential of the best local solutions.

LC3 works with local municipalities and community partners to de-risk and scale up local climate solutions that both reduce key emission sources and create valuable and equitable community benefits.

LC3 is a collaboration among seven local centres in city regions that are home to 50% of Canadians, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund (FCM’s GMF). It was established thanks to an endowment from the Government of Canada.

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