Canadian town, bridge over river.

GMF helps Canadian municipalities and their partners switch to sustainable practices faster.

FCM’s Green Municipal Fund (GMF) turns 20 years old this year. For two decades, we’ve had the privilege of working alongside municipal governments, helping them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and manage the growing impacts of climate change.

With GMF funding, training and resources, municipalities and their partners have brought more than 1,360 sustainability projects to life.

That’s 1,360 ways local governments have protected their communities from flooding, restored contaminated sites to productive use, increased access to clean drinking water, reduced pollution, minimized waste and driven cost-saving energy efficiency. It’s also 1,360 ways municipalities have created significant employment opportunities, generating income for their residents and for Canada. GMF-funded projects and programs have employed thousands of Canadians in our first 20 years and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Employment generated

person-years of employment created

Income earned
$560.2 million

in wages and salaries paid to households

GHG reductions
2.7 million

tonnes of GHG emissions avoided

Equivalent of taking
cars off the road

Energy saved

gigajoules of energy saved per year

Equivalent to a year of power for

Wastewater and drinking water treated

cubic metres of water treated

Equivalent to
Olympic-size swimming pools

Waste diverted from landfill

tonnes of waste diverted per year

Equivalent to the contents of
garbage trucks

Soil, groundwater and sediment managed

cubic metres of soil, groundwater and sediment managed

Equivalent to the contents of
shipping containers

Land reclaimed

hectares of land reclaimed

Equivalent to
football fields

Compendium case studies

We're proud of the role we play in bringing proven, sustainable, municipal solutions to the foreground, and are keen to share our successes with you. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we've gathered case studies of 20 outstanding examples of municipal environmental leadership into a compendium. Some of those stories are featured below. They're inspiring examples of what municipalities can achieve using GMF's funding and capacity-building offers. May these stories inspire projects in your community!

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