Aging housing stock, rising energy costs and increasing demand for affordable housing have created a unique challenge for municipalities and other affordable housing providers working to build better lives.

Our $300 million initiative offers support to local affordable housing providers – including municipal, not-for-profit organizations and housing co-ops – to retrofit existing affordable housing units, or construct energy efficient new builds that emit lower GHG emissions.

Our new funding and learning resources can help your community achieve the following:

  • Retrofit existing units or construct new affordable housing
  • Generate triple bottom line benefits:
    • Reduce energy and GHG intensity
    • Increase energy and housing affordability
    • Improve building quality, and increase comfort, health and quality of life for residents

About the SAH offer

Sustainable Affordable housing Application guideGMF offers support throughout the life cycle of an affordable housing construction project through five funding options:

  • Planning: Early support to assist eligible housing providers to get started on achieving more sustainable affordable housing initiatives
  • Studies: Assess the approaches needed to implement an eligible energy efficient pilot or capital project in detail
  • Pilot projects: Test out a new or innovative approach on a small scale
  • Retrofit capital projects: Complete the renovation of existing housing units with the installation of energy efficient technologies
  • New-build capital projects: Construct new homes that are highly energy efficient

As part of our SAH initiative, our Regional Energy Coaches (RECs) will help affordable housing providers initiate energy efficiency retrofits and new builds.

Read our application guide for details. 

Update: Due to high demand and success of the FCM’s Sustainable Affordable Housing (SAH) initiative, processing times may vary across our several funding areas as we manage the volume of applications.

We’re no longer accepting initial proposals for pilot projects. Stay tuned for a new call for applications to be launched later this year.

Thanks to all current and future applicants for their interest. We look forward to working together to make our communities more sustainable and affordable.

FCM’s Sustainable Affordable Housing initiative is delivered through our Green Municipal Fund and funded by the Government of Canada.

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