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PCP is managed and delivered by FCM and ICLEI—Local Governments for Sustainability Canada (ICLEI Canada) and receives financial support from the Government of Canada and ICLEI Canada.

As a PCP member, you can access free support and services from our Regional Climate Advisors. They’ll help you understand where your community has opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) as it moves through the five steps of the PCP program’s Milestone Framework. Work with an advisor from your region who understands your local context and is regularly in touch with governments and the private sector about local sustainability, energy planning and climate change issues. Their services are free to PCP members, and include:

  • Workshops, webinars and other types of training
  • Peer learning and networking activities
  • Opportunities to expand your local municipal network
  • Providing information about local resources and programs as well as news about legislation and regulations that affect your region
  • Helping you identify funding opportunities that would support your climate change work
  • Providing in-depth, technical information about the PCP program to help further your PCP Milestone progress
  • Helping you complete reports or submit documentation as you complete each PCP milestone

Teams of Regional Climate Advisors are available across the country. Connect with the team lead in your region today:

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador
Samantha Peverill
Senior Lead, Atlantic Region, QUEST
T. (902) 240-0165

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Eddie Oldfield (bilingual)
Senior Lead, Projects & Advisory Services, QUEST
T. (506) 440-3854

Charles Leclerc
Coordinator – Air, Climate Change and Energy sector, Réseau Environnement
T. (514) 270-7110, ext. 313

Kevin Behan
Deputy Director, Clean Air Partnership
T. (416) 460-6320
This team is a collaborative effort, led by CAP with the Ontario Climate Consortium and the Ontario Centre for Climate Impacts and Adaptation Resources.

Gavin van der Linde (bilingual)
Regional Climate Ambassador
T. (204)-209-0090

Jason Praski (bilingual)
Regional Climate Ambassador
T. (306) 291-9116

Ronak Patel
Energy and Climate Change Advisor, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre
T. (780) 431-4550

Trina Innes
Director, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre
T. (780) 431-4542

British Columbia and Yukon
Dale Littlejohn
Executive Director, Community Energy Association of British Columbia
T. (604) 628-7076

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