Cities and Communities: Partners in Canada's Future

Published: 2015 - PDF (2.1 MB)

Cities and Communities: Partners in Canada's Future

The First 100 Days of Government

Cities and communities are home to innovative solutions to shared national challenges and partners in building the future that Canadians voted for in October 2015.

Together, we have an opportunity to create jobs and grow our economy. We can help Canadians spend less time commuting and more time with their families. We can make good on our obligation to keep our lakes, rivers and oceans clean. Together, we can work to keep roofs over the heads of the most vulnerable Canadians, while making housing more affordable for all. And we can be smarter, more efficient and forward-thinking about our responsibility to keep our communities safe.

This is what municipal governments do best: engage Canadians, find solutions, and deliver meaningful action.

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