Published: December 20th 2018 - PDF (1.7 MB)

A critical time to deliver for Canadians

Following months of intensive advocacy, FCM today released our recommendations for next year's federal budget. This is no time to rest on past gains. This budget-the last of this government's current mandate-is a critical time to deliver for the Canadians we all serve.

FCM's recommendations lay out a clear path forward.

First, it's time to modernize our federal-municipal partnership to get more done. To start, we're proposing a new intergovernmental forum where we'll work together as full partners to tackle key national challenges—from settling newcomers and addressing housing affordability to advancing infrastructure growth. In the meantime, local planning horizons already have us looking beyond 10-year federal infrastructure and housing investments. To empower municipalities to deliver for Canadians-without interruption-we've identified three key steps for Budget 2019:

  • Connecting Canadians with reliable Internet: We're calling for a bold national plan—with clear standards, timelines and funding—to achieve universal broadband and wireless Internet access in communities of all sizes.
  • Keeping Canadians moving with modern transit: Building on current investments, we've detailed a permanent federal funding mechanism-so municipalities can continue shortening commutes and expanding access.
  • Protecting Canadians from climate change: With municipalities on the front lines of weather extremes, we're calling for an expanded Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund to move more of your vital projects forward.

Local leaders work on the front lines of Canadians' daily lives. To succeed, Budget 2019 needs to empower municipalities to do more to make people's lives better-today, and well into the future.

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