102nd Street Revitalization Plan

A street in the city of Grande Prairie

The City of Grande Prairie studied the feasibility of turning a four-lane thoroughfare into a mixed-use street with bike lanes, wider sidewalks, shopping and other amenities. The six-block portion of 102nd St. would become a community hub in an inner-city neighbourhood slated for revitalization. The city determined that reducing the number of traffic lanes from four to two was feasible. The design concept will encourage cycling and walking, while enclosed bus shelters will encourage transit users. The plan will increase urban density, decrease sprawl, and build a sense of community in an inner-city neighbourhood.


Environmental Economic Social
  • Accommodates alternative modes of transportation — biking, walking, and public transit.
  • Catalyzes redevelopment and intensification of the inner-city core.
  • Urban intensification, reduced sprawl and more efficient use of infrastructure will reduce costs of municipality.
  • Offers an alternative to typical housing options.
  • Creates a new sense of community in the neighbourhood and the city.


  • The city's road maintenance department viewed the proposed design as a  challenge for road maintenance and snow removal.

Lessons learned

  • The initiative was delayed by municipal procedural requirements, information gathering, staff summer holidays, and the time needed for reviews and meetings. 
  • Allow plenty of time to review the responses to your request for proposals. Choose a consultant who has intimate local knowledge as well as technical expertise.
  • Involve council members in open houses and other public consultations so they can see public reactions for themselves. This made Grand Prairie council more comfortable with the somewhat radical plan.
  • Holding public consultations from 4 to 8 p.m. allowed people to attend on the way home from work, rather than making a special trip after dinner.

Partners and Collaborators

Project Contact

Joe Johnson 
Planning and Development Services
City of Grande Prairie
T. 780-538-0419

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