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The City of Mississauga has a master plan to instill environmental consciousness in its corporate DNA. The plan outlines actions the city can take to meet the environmental goals in its 2009 strategic plan.

That means developing a transit-oriented city, making neighbourhoods more livable and connected, and helping residents and businesses make environmentally sustainable decisions. The plan has three categories of actions for the city to implement over the next decade: ways to set an example, ways to encourage others, and ways (like regulations and bylaws) to compel others. The plan includes indicators to measure the city's environmental progress


Environmental Economic Social
  • Conserves energy and water and reduces waste  by greening  city facilities

  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels  by using clean, renewable energy (solar, wind, biofuels)

  • Reduces reliance on cars by expanding public transit

  • Preserves or restores natural environments

  • Attracts businesses and ensures prosperity by security and cost stability of renewable energy sources

  • Creates walkable, connected neighbourhoods with reliable public transit and cycling routes

  • Promotes population health through clean air and active lifestyles


  • Too short a time frame for the project.
  • Building confidence among city staff that the master plan would support their programs, rather than dictate priorities.
  • Changing habits among city staff and in the wider community.
  • Finding the money to properly implement the plan.

Lessons learned

  • Create a realistic schedule.
  • Allocate sufficient resources, including a special events planner, for the public consultations. These events raise awareness of and build support for the plan.
  • Budget for an editor and designer to make a reader-friendly final plan.

Partners and collaborators


Project contact

Mary Bracken
Project Lead, Living Green Master Plan
City of Mississauga, ON
T. 905-615-3200, ext. 4918

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