Are you looking for tools and resources to help guide your community facility upgrade project? Our Community Buildings Retrofit (CBR) initiative supports municipalities in retrofitting local recreation and cultural buildings to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, extend your asset’s lifecycle and improve quality of life for residents. From guidebooks to case studies, this resource library provides practical information and guidance as you undertake local facility retrofit projects in your community.

Learn more about:

  • Retrofit strategies and lessons learned for achieving significant energy reductions in your community facilities
  • Building recommissioning and planning local retrofit priorities
  • Data-backed tips and tools for building performance assessments in energy renewal and efficiency
  • Key considerations and steps to start your own upgrade project
  • And much more

We’ll continue to update this page with additional resources as they become available.

Please note, all files appear in the language in which they were provided.​​​

Stage 1: Understanding your building’s performance

Stage 2: Optimizing your existing building system

Stage 3: Studying long-term retrofit options

Stage 4: Implement capital upgrades

Stage 5: The benefits of energy management: case studies to inspire you

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