FCM's Green Municipal Fund has developed this roadmap to provide a detailed overview of the process for bringing contaminated or abandoned sites back into productive use in your province.

Use this roadmap to:

  • Know the steps involved in a brownfield redevelopment project so you can be better prepared to avoid potential delays or cost overruns
  • Learn where to look for funding, including grants and incentive programs
  • Structure your discussions and consultations with project stakeholders
  • Improve your understanding of the brownfields regulatory framework in Alberta

This roadmap is designed as an easy-to-follow path to help municipalities and their partners navigate the processes, regulations and funding for brownfield redevelopment projects in Alberta.

Read the roadmap.


Note: The information presented in the roadmaps is current to the publication date and may not capture all relevant programs. Please contact the responsible organizations to verify up-to-date information.

Each roadmap summarizes current provincial or territorial legislation and must not be regarded as a formal legal interpretation. Please refer to the identified legislation for complete details on requirements and seek legal advice if necessary.


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