Annual report: Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program 2017–2018The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) annual progress report for 2017–2018 highlights the many ways the program is successfully supporting municipal climate action through funding, training, knowledge-sharing and awareness-building activities. MCIP is also working with 18 partner organizations to expand the reach of the program and leverage existing climate experience and expertise.  

In MCIP's second year, the program:

  • Hosted 68 awareness-raising activities reaching more than 3,500 people in 1,137 municipalities
  • Approved over $13.4 million in direct funding for 64 climate action initiatives
  • Approved over $1.7M in grants through our Climate Asset Management Network to help 19 municipalities integrate climate change goals in their asset management planning
  • Approved over $2.4 million in climate adaptation partner grants to 12 organizations that provide training and guidance to 72 communities working to adapt to climate change impacts

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