Municipal Climate Action Hub

Are you looking for resources to help your municipality develop and implement its adaptation or greenhouse gas management and reduction plans? The Municipal Climate Action (MCA) hub, designed for municipal staff, can help.

Within the hub, you will be find a self-assessment quiz that is based on FCM’s Climate Adaptation Maturity Scale and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Maturity Scales. After identifying the stage your municipality’s climate journey is at, you will be better positioned to move through the hub’s collection of tools and resources designed to help you achieve your climate goals.

Access the hub to discover:

  • Tools and resources to help you address barriers and advance your GHG reduction and adaptation strategies
  • Strategies for reducing GHG emissions and conserving energy (tailored to your community’s maturity level)
  • How climate adaptation can lead to community resilience
  • The steps to move your community through its own climate strategy, from visualization, implementation, evaluation and ongoing support
  • How to communicate the value of your community’s climate change work
  • Opportunities for adaptation strategies to be used to build internal staff and financial capacity
  • Webinars

Access the hub.

Who is this tool for?

The hub would be of use to staff in your municipal planning department or sustainability, climate change or resilience office.

About the hub

The hub was developed by the Community Energy Association, QUEST Canada, Eco-Ouest, ACT-SFU and the Ontario Climate Consortium and funded by FCM’s Municipal Climate Innovation Program. It was initially created to support the 66 municipalities who received an FCM Climate change staff grant. The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is a five-year $75-million program, delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

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