National Housing Strategy: Getting it right

Published: September 2017 - PDF (1.7 MB)

National Housing Strategy: Getting it right

Transforming Canadian housing through local innovation

Safe, affordable housing is the bedrock of livable, competitive cities—and of the stronger Canada we all aspire to build. Yet our cities are grappling with a serious housing crisis. As low and moderate-income households increasingly struggle to both pay the rent and feed the kids, this crisis is throttling human and economic potential from coast to coast to coast. Unprecedented housing market pressures, particularly in big cities, pose an unparalleled threat to our future economic prosperity.

These frontline realities inform these recommendations for the design of the National Housing Strategy. They are intended to ensure the strategy meets today’s urgent needs while simultaneously building a new social and affordable housing system for the 21st century—one that enables both social and geographic mobility among Canadians.

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