How-to-set-emissions-reduction-targetsReducing carbon emissions is an important step toward developing healthier, more resilient communities of the future. This guidebook can help your municipality establish greenhouse gas reduction targets to help drive your local climate action plan.

The guidebook provides specific examples to help you:

  • Understand target-setting methodologies and principles
  • Assess factors influencing local carbon emissions
  • Choose an achievable target and select a meaningful time frame 

It is designed for municipalities that are:

  • Working through Milestone 2 and setting emissions reductions targets for the first time
  • Revising or renewing existing targets
  • Working toward Milestone 2 of the Partners for Climate Protection program's Milestone Framework

The guidebook can also help you understand how the target setting process relates to other stages in the framework, including establishing a GHG inventory (Milestone 1) and developing the local climate action plan (Milestone 3).

Download the guidebook.

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