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On December 6 and 13, along with our partners at Philips Lighting, we hosted two webinars that provided municipal leaders with concrete tools to kickstart their innovation efforts through important processes and co-created relationships.

Since launching the FCM Innovation Network, we have asked more than 150 elected officials, municipal staff, and their key allies, to evaluate the greatest challenges that they encounter. Municipal experts were also asked how their communities are responding to the pressing challenges and where they see opportunities to impact the lives of residents.

Managing local government can be a puzzle due to limited resources. Both elected and municipal officials face countless questions from their residents about infrastructure, housing, local economy, quality of life, traffic flow, and municipal services.

How do we become the place where people can live, thrive, and play? Is there a way to use the collective wisdom of citizens and involve them in shaping the future of our communities? How do we prioritize what matters most?

To satisfy a national audience and to give voice to different regions, we offered two versions of the webinar: one in English, and one in French a week later. The lively and insightful discussions explored questions such as:

  • How can a municipality, of any size, start the process of innovation?
  • What can you do to mobilize and co-create with diverse stakeholders?
  • Where can you find inspiration for the next plan you bring forward to council?
  • How can you collect the most important data that you need to make meaningful decisions that matter to residents in your community?
  • Where are the opportunities for municipalities to have the greatest impact and how can they better communicate with each other?

English Session

Presented Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's time for local government to innovate, adopt new processes and policies to build future. Learn from experts from Philips Lighting, Brockville, ON, and MIT lab about how adopting "Co-Creation and Design Innovation" can help build a new culture that involves all stakeholders, breaks down silos, enhances citizen engagement and stimulates the local economy. With the new multi-direction approach, it delivers outcomes faster while creating possibilities for ourselves beyond what we have imagined.


  • Jose Dos Santos, Head of Design, Philips Lighting
  • David LeSueur, Councillor, Brockville, ON  and Chair Economic Development & Planning Committee.
  • Ricardo Alvarez, Technology, and Urban Planning Researcher, MIT Senseable City Lab

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This webinar was presented in French on December 13, 2017

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