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Election 2019: Let’s empower local governments
to build better lives for Canadians

Federal Election 2019 is a pivotal opportunity to modernize how governments work together to serve Canadians. Local leaders are the closest to people’s daily challenges. They are building better lives, and with modernized tools and a seat at the nation-building table, they’ll be ready to do so much more.

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FCM’s programs and advocacy help secure new tools that empower municipalities to build stronger communities of all sizes. Explore below to find out what’s new with us.

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Explore these key areas to find out how we’re helping to build stronger communities—and a better Canada.
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This library contains reports, toolkits, recommendations and other resources that are designed to help you address challenges in your community.

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We’ve got you covered with the right type of funding, from plans and studies, to pilots, capital projects and more.

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Learn how we’re working with local governments of all sizes to tackle national and global challenges.

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Increasing sustainability and enhancing the quality of life for people across Canada and around the world.

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FCM works on behalf of 2,000+ member municipalities to shape the national agenda, and delivers tools that empower local governments. Together, we are building stronger communities—and a better Canada.

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