Cheryl Antoski is a two-term City of Brantford Councillor representing the City’s Ward 4, where she lives with her husband – Bill, and 3 grown children. A lifelong volunteer and activist, Cheryl is driven by a strong sense of community that transcends partisan politics. Municipal government depends on cooperative partnerships with all levels of government and all political parties. A true consensus builder, Cheryl garners support from diverse groups of people through her ability to listen and focus multiple perspectives coming together through the lens of fostering an inclusive and sustainable community.

Always open to new ways of doing things in order to achieve municipal goals more efficiently and effectively, Cheryl is a strong believer in grass-roots initiatives and embraces the political process as a means to effectively facilitate community growth. Cheryl takes a life-cycle approach to assessing the best value for tax dollars. Limited resources must be allocated efficiently in ways that positively affect quality of life while minimizing costs in the long run. For Cheryl, everything starts and ends with the people of her community. Effective communication is central to Cheryl’s efforts to ensure the voice of the community is heard in municipal decision making, for the municipality to understand what the people need to create balanced and productive lives for themselves, and for the community to work together with other levels of government and flourish as one.

Cheryl’s extensive experience has been integral to her successful contribution on the FCM Board to date. In her most recent term she has focused efforts on issues that really matter to her including serving on the following Standing Committees:

  • Conference Planning
  • Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development
  • Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government (Vice-Chair)
  • Social-Economic Development
  • Ontario Caucus Member

Cheryl’s objective is to build on the strong foundation she has already fostered on the FCM Board and would consider it a tremendous honour to continue to represent Brantford as a consensus builder in this important position.


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