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FCM Elections 2017

Each year, FCM members attending our Annual General Meeting in June elect their representatives to FCM's Board of Directors.

This year's Annual General Meeting was held Sunday, June 4th in Ottawa, ON, as part of our Annual Conference and Trade Show.

Our Board elections took place in four distinct stages:

  1. During the first part of the Annual General Meeting, the election was held for the President, the First Vice-President, the Second Vice-President and the Third Vice-President.
  2. During provincial and territorial meetings, nominations were held for the directors who will represent their province or territory on the Board. The number of nominees for each province and territory is in accordance to FCM's by-laws, section 3.04.
  3. During the second part of the Annual General Meeting, all voting delegates voted on the full slate of nominees for the director positions.
  4. Subsequently, all newly elected and appointed Directors convened in the regional groupings (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies & Territories, British Columbia) to elect a Chair and a Vice-Chair for their respective Regional Caucus. The Regional Caucus Chairs also represented their respective regions on FCM's Executive Committee.

To run as a member of the FCM Board of Directors — and to be registered in advance, on the electoral ballot for your province or territory — you must:

  • Be an elected official of an FCM member municipality.
  • Fill in the Consent Form and send it to FCM as indicated.
  • Include an official resolution — endorsed by your member municipality — allowing you to seek a position as a member of FCM's Board of Directors.
  • Send the Consent Form and resolution to FCM by Wednesday, May 17, 2017. The instructions for sending these are contained in the Consent Form.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting in Ottawa.

Useful Documents

Note: All candidates registered by May 17 will have the opportunity to post an election campaign ad on FCM´s website (deadline: May 26, 2017).

Candidates seeking election to the Board may run 'from the floor' during their provincial or territorial meetings on June 4th, 2017; however, they must show their consent form and official resolution before their nomination can be considered and their name added to the ballot list.

Page Updated: 05/06/2017