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Anne Marie Gillis

Anne Marie Gillis

Thank you for the privilege of serving as a Director on the FCM Board, by electing me to the Ontario Caucus for 2016-2017.

I was honoured to be selected by President Clark Somerville, to be Vice Chair of the Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Committee, working for long-term, predictable sustainable funding.

I was thrilled to participate in Advocacy Days in Ottawa, meeting with M.P.'s and Senators, carrying FCM's message to decision makers.

I felt honoured to be a member of the Rural Caucus, advancing the needs of rural Canada on issues such as broadband and escalating costs to provide safe railway crossings.

I was proud to sit on the Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development Committee, chaired by Mayor Pauline Quinlan, working to create a comprehensive plan for our Municipalities as they struggle with the new demands of Climate Change.

I wish to thank Tim Tierney, Chair of the Ontario Caucus for his continual leadership and guidance as we identify the role of Ontario in the changing landscape that is Canada.

I was called on by President Clark Somerville, to represent South Western Ontario on the National Energy Task Force, to ensure that local government has a greater voice with the National Energy Board, and how Municipalities interests can be adequately considered in the cost, operation, and decommissioning of federally regulated pipelines. 

I wish to thank President Clark Somerville for his confidence and mentoring over the past year.

Being a Director of FCM is a Two Way Street!

As the representative of Lambton County, I reported to County Council on a regular basis, apprising them of the actions of FCM and the progress being made with the Federal Government. As well, I was the conduit for Lambton County Council's concerns to FCM, championing the needs of my area to ensure that our voices are a part of the National Conversation. In turn, I have conveyed the needs of FCM to Lambton County Council, who have recognized the need for a viable

In turn, I have conveyed the needs of FCM to Lambton County Council, who have recognized the need for a viable Legal Defense Fund, by contributing our portion to the fund. Lambton County saw the wisdom in the "ask".

I have reached out to committee member, Councillor Yolaine Kirlew as a resource, while my city (Sarnia) works to understand and act on the UN Declarations of Indigenous Peoples.

I have introduced the Fire Marque program to my community to consider, as a result of discussion with Mayor Terry Dowdall.

The City of Sarnia and Aamjiwnaang First Nations participated in the CIPP program of FCM, to create a new service agreement, and forge a new working relationship, that will benefit our communities for years to come.

FCM is an organization that we in Lambton County are proud to belong to, and I as a Director have felt privileged to be a Member of the Board.

My name is Anne Marie Gillis, the lady from Lambton County, Where Discovery Matters, and our voices are never silent! I ask for your vote!

Thank you.  Merci.

Page Updated: 29/05/2017