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Craig Speirs

Maple Ridge is a blend of urban and rural is situated in the Fraser Valley.

I am a five term Councilor who has always been engaged with local government issues. Presently I have authored two resolutions passed at the Lower Mainland LGA, one concerning non-compostable stickers on fruits and vegetables and another confirming the rights of assistance dog teams. I believe in the effectiveness of our associations lobbying efforts and will continue to be engaged within LMLGA, UBCM and FCM.

I enjoy hearing all sides of every issue and always accept my collegues as they are. I get along with everybody and use humor as a way of bringing people together. We deal with many weighty issues within local government and in my view we should always look beyond the issues and ensure our personal relationships are healthy and based on trust so we can effortlessly go from one issue to the next one because there will always be a next one.

FCM will be faced with a number of critical issues over the next few years and I want to ensure that our local governments benifit from strong and experienced voices at the table. I believe that I have that strength and experience to help ensure our mandates are successful as we engage with the federal government. I ask for your support and your vote.

Page Updated: 25/05/2017