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Sam Waddington

Sam Waddington

Since being elected to Chilliwack City Council in 2014, I have been a passionate advocate for local government and its ability to create positive change in our communities. In my time on Council, I've come to deeply appreciate the power and value of engaged communities. I work hard to support civic participation, believing that meaningful and inclusive engagement leads to better planning and ultimately, better communities.

Located east of Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley is characterized by a mix of farmland and bustling urban centers. Since my appointment as a Director at the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD), I have worked to balance these - occasionally opposed - interests and to ensure that both communities are represented in the decisions I make. I believe that my work at both a municipal and regional level will allow me to lend support as we work to bring the concerns of local government to the attention of the federal representatives.

As Chair of the FVRD Aboriginal Relations Committee, I believe that building relationships with First Nations is a priority for every community throughout our country. As our local government representative at multiple treaty negotiation tables, I enjoy working hard to represent the needs of the region and supporting progress towards a more positive partnership between BC, First Nations and the government of Canada. At a moment in our history when reconciliation is an important consideration, I believe my experience with and understanding of First Nations concerns will be an asset.

I am an advocate for healthy cities, bike lanes, transit and walkability. Wherever possible I support change that makes our communities more resilient and infrastructure improvements that improve the residents of our communities quality of life. I appreciate the role local government plays in the way British Columbians live, work and play, and especially all the creative ways in which we can support healthier, more inclusive communities. As the regional representative to the Fraser Basin Council, I understand the importance of a healthy natural environment and the benefits it provides our residents.

When I am not acting in my local government role:

  • I own a small, successful outdoor recreation business.
  • I contribute to CBC Vancouver TV and CBC Radio 1 as their Outdoor Recreation Correspondent.
  • I'm a Sessional Professor in the Faculties of Business and Tourism at the University of the Fraser Valley.

With your support, I will work hard to be the voice for your community to the FCM board and the federal government.

Thank you for your consideration.

Page Updated: 29/05/2017