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Terry Dowdall

Terry Dowdall

Following two successful terms as a member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors, Terry is excited by the opportunity of returning, which would allow him to continue working with other local governments to ensure every community's voice is heard at the Federal level.

Terry has more than 18 years of municipal experience serving the Township of Essa, Ontario as a Councillor (2000-2003), Deputy Mayor (two terms 2003-2010) and Mayor (2010-present). He has served as a County of Simcoe Councillor since 2003 and was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2016 as County of Simcoe Deputy Warden.

His public sector experience is complemented by his private sector background as a landlord and former small business owner. As an employer, Terry gained strong financial management, leadership and business skills. As a landlord and a municipal leader he has gained a significant understanding about the complex and urgent demands on residents, businesses and all levels of government. Community housing needs are obviously close to Terry and his experience is invaluable to the County of Simcoe as the service provider for many types of housing programs.

Terry has forged strong partnerships with representatives from the public and private sector to advance key inter-municipal initiatives:

  • infrastructure & development projects
  • area transportation systems
  • policing models
  • housing strategies
  • budgetary and funding issues

With this diverse background, Terry brings his experience, dedication, hard work, passion, and natural ability to build consensus among partners to all his endeavours. He believes that municipalities are better served through partnership, collaboration and open dialogue among all levels of government.

Thank you for considering Terry for the FCM Board of Directors position.

Page Updated: 26/05/2017