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Tim Tierney

Tim Tierney

Dear colleagues and delegates,

I am seeking your support for the great privilege of representing you on the FCM Board of Directors for another term.

I am incredibly proud of the excellent work this Board has done over the past year and I know that we can accomplish so much more together.

A couple of quick highlights for me this year include:

- Chair, Ontario Caucus;
Working collaboratively with Vice Chair McConnell and Caucus members, we accomplished a great deal, ensuring the focus remained on the issues that mattered most to Ontarians. From affordable housing to policing matters, I created a knowledge-sharing system where caucus members were able to share best practices from their municipalities.
As a leader, I was able to work closely with the FCM’s Ontario-based president, our AMO president and members to lead us to the strongest caucus participation in years, something that ensures our voices are heard.

- FCM 2017 organizing committee;
Through my role in the committee, I pushed to ensure there was more representation from rural areas of this country than ever.
I also fully supported and voted to ensure childcare was provided to members and their partners so they could fully participate in the event.

-International Development Week
Global Affairs Canada and FCM hosted International Development Week event to celebrate its work and promote Canada’s foreign objectives to Canadians.
I was proud to host a session on women’s participation, which included a half-day panel discussion, where I acted as both MC and moderator.

Other highlights over the past several years include the effective lobbying of federal Members of Parliament during advocacy days as well as bringing forward the motion that will ensure fair e-book pricing across the country.

Standing Committees and Forums I have contributed on over the years are: Chair, Ontario Caucus; International Relations, Environmental Issues and Sustainable Development; Finance and Audit; Rural Forum; Rural and Northern Forum; Governance Working Group; Community Safety & Crime Prevention; Increasing Women’s Participation in Municipal Government; Municipal Finance & Intergovernmental Arrangements; Conference Planning Committee and Municipal Infrastructure & Transportation Policy.

I look forward to working with you on further topics important to Ontario.

Thank you for your past support and I would appreciate your endorsement for another term.

Tim Tierney

Page Updated: 23/05/2017