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2000 Winners

Since 2000, the FCM Sustainable Community Awards have celebrated the achievements of municipal leaders who are not only putting green ideas into practice, but reaping the benefits.

This year FCM recognized 10 outstanding winners in five categories. As the order of government that is closest to Canadian citizens, municipalities are integral in helping meet commitments for significant and long-term change. They are providing real solutions and leading the way on the road to sustainability.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2000 FCM Sustainability Community Awards — the large and small, urban and rural communities across Canada that are working toward a more sustainable future.

2000 Winners

  • 2000 Planning — Co-winner 1

    2000 Planning — Co-winner 1

    Mississauga, with a population of 588,500, is Canada's sixth largest city and one of its fastest growing.
  • 2000 Planning — Co-winner 2

    2000 Planning — Co-winner 2

    Unprecedented steps have been taken by the Town of Okotoks, Alberta to ensure its long-term sustainability.
  • 2000 Planning — Co-winner 3

    2000 Planning — Co-winner 3

    The Town of Perth, Ontario, has become a model community in its response to the issue of climate change.
  • 2000 Planning — Co-winner 4

    2000 Planning — Co-winner 4

    The Town of Richmond Hill has implemented a number of programs, policies and awareness initiatives focused on reducing ozone and fine particulate levels in the air, including a SMOG Alert Advisory Plan, and on raising awareness of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 2000 Residential Development

    2000 Residential Development

    Saskatoon's Downtown Housing and Development Action Program (Action Program) is a five-year initiative to stimulate residential development in the downtown area.
  • 2000 Transportation

    2000 Transportation

    TravelSmart is a broad-based program that reduces urban sprawl and travel demand in Kamloops through land use and transportation system management, neighbourhood design and the promotion of alternativtransportation.
  • 2000 Waste — Co-winner 1

    2000 Waste — Co-winner 1

    The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), along with public and private partners, has implemented an innovative strategy for the on-site separation of wet, dry and recyclable waste at both residential and business sources.
  • 2000 Waste — Co-winner 2

    2000 Waste — Co-winner 2

    "We found that citizens were increasing their demands for a greater say in how their environment was going to be protected," said Dianne Haskett
  • 2000 Waste — Co-winner 3

    2000 Waste — Co-winner 3

    The City of Montreal's eco-centres are now recycling and reusing many types of waste materials that once languished in the city's landfill.
  • 2000 Water

    2000 Water

    Charlesbourg is a city of 72,000 people located on the outskirts of Quebec City. Because the city has no water-treatment plant, its residents rely on various high-quality above-ground and underground water sources.
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