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2008 Winners

Since 2000, the FCM Sustainable Community Awards have celebrated the achievements of municipal leaders who are not only putting green ideas into practice, but reaping the benefits.

This year FCM recognized eight outstanding winners in eight categories. As the order of government that is closest to Canadian citizens, municipalities are integral in helping meet commitments for significant and long-term change. They are providing real solutions and leading the way on the road to sustainability.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2008 FCM Sustainability Community Awards — the large and small, urban and rural communities across Canada that are working toward a more sustainable future.

2008 Winners

  • 2008 Buildings

    2008 Buildings

    Reduced building operating costs, increased energy and water efficiencies, and the accompanying environmental benefits were the goals when the City of Toronto implemented the Arenas Energy Retrofit Project in December 2004.
  • 2008 Energy

    2008 Energy

    Financial prudence and environmental responsibility were the goals of the City of Saint John when it implemented more than 70 energy retrofit projects in more than 50 buildings and facilities under a new Municipal Energy Efficiency Program (MEEP).
  • 2008 Planning

    2008 Planning

    In September 2005, faced with a large-scale development project that would essentially double its population, the City of Pickering began to research and implement a city-wide sustainability project called Sustainable Pickering.
  • 2008 Residental Development

    2008 Residental Development

    Through financial incentives and a streamlined development process, the City of Kitchener was able to guarantee the successful transformation of an industrial wasteland into "The Intowns," a 128-unit townhouse live-work residential community.
  • 2008 Transportation

    2008 Transportation

    Smart Commute was launched in 2004 as a collaborative initiative to reduce traffic and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).
  • 2008 Waste

    2008 Waste

    In September 2007, after more than a year of planning, six municipalities in the northern part of the Region of York rolled out a new waste collection system.
  • 2008 Water

    2008 Water

    Increasing demand on its water supply and wastewater treatment systems led the Regional Municipality of Peel to develop a Water Efficiency Plan (WEP) that is expected, by 2015, to reduce daily and peak demand for water by up to 10 per cent and wastewater flows by up to seven per cent.
  • 2008 Wastewater

    2008 Wastewater

    Created in 1995, the Commission pour la mise en valeur du projet de dépollution et de renaturalisation has significantly transformed the Saint Charles river after 10 years of major wastewater treatment and site clean-up efforts.
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