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2009 Energy

Township of South Stormont, Ontario

Kilowatt Countdown Challenge

The Township of South Stormont, encouraged and assisted by a small, dedicated group of volunteers, organized the Kilowatt Countdown Challenge, which offers 200 energy-saving tips to residents as a motivational tool to reduce electricity consumption. The 2008 challenge engaged every member of the municipality through a wide range of media and outreach activities, offering tips, ongoing support and tools such as watt meters.

Hydro One helped the township tabulate results and calculate the energy savings resulting from the project. In 2009, the organizers expanded the challenge to neighbouring municipalities in an effort to further increase the scope and energy savings. The township saved an estimated one million kilowatt hours of electricity during the three months of the 2008 challenge, resulting in 650 fewer tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The challenge also empowered citizens to make ongoing, simple changes to limit their energy consumption.


Page Updated: 21/12/2015